Fit Facts


Aim for walking 10,000 steps every day! Did you know shopping for 30 minutes can help you reach this goal? The average shopper at Northgate Gonzalez Markets takes 1,000 steps.

Be Active

For improved health it is recommended to be active for 30 minutes each day. It will strengthen your ability to perform everyday tasks, including carrying groceries or climbing stairs.

Physical Activity

Did you know you would have to walk 4 ½ miles to burn off 23 ounces of a sugar sweetened beverage? Physical activity lowers your risk of diabetes and helps with weight loss.


Need more energy? Try a quick game of soccer or a walk in your neighborhood to increase your energy levels and improve your well – being. Did you know that to burn off 15 packets of sugar in a 16 oz. energy drink you need to walk more than 60 minutes?

Grocery Store Workout

  • Grocery cart workout. Hold onto handlebar, lift leg off the ground then lower, repeat this 5 times then switch legs
  • Work your quads while reaching for something on a lower shelf. Instead of bending over, bend your knees and hold a squat for 30 seconds while reading the label of food from a lower shelf.
  • Kick off your grocery store workout by parking in the spot farthest away from the store’s entrance.


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