1. Co-Presidents: Miguel Gonzalez Reynoso & Oscar Gonzalez Reynoso
  2. Owners: Gonzalez Reynoso Family (Miguel Gonzalez Jimenez Sr. & wife Teresa Reynoso de Gonzalez, with their 13 children)
  3. First Store: Anaheim California, opened January 2, 1980
  4. Headquarters: 1201 N Magnolia Avenue, Anaheim, California
  5. Stores: More than 30 stores throughout Los Angeles, San Diego and Orange Counties
  6. Acquisitions: 1 (El Tigre Markets) 11 ( Pro's Ranch Market in collaboration w/ Cardenas Markets)
  7. Program: Viva La Salud (Health and Wellness)
  8. Northgate Entities: Northgate Real Estate, Northgate Financial, Prospera Gonzalez
  9. Foundation: Familia Gonzalez Reynoso Foundation
  10. Special Annual Events: Over 100,000 toys were distributed at all locations at the 17th Annual Toy Giveaway in 2013
  11. Fresh Works Fund Loan: In 2012, Northgate received the first loan given from the California Fresh Works Fund which finances grocery businesses willing to open in areas that lack supermarkets with affordable and healthy food. First Lady Michelle Obama spoke at a future location in Inglewood on February 1st of 2012.
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