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At Northgate we have a strong set of values that define who we are and shapes everything we do.

We take pride in these values. They are the cornerstone of our relationship with our customers, co-workers and the communities in which we live and work. It is through living and leading through these values that we are successful as a business.

Great People

We are looking for great people to join us as a member of the Northgate family that is currently 4,500 members strong and growing. We are looking for enthusiastic people with the potential and desire to grow; who are passionate about food and the products we sell; who are customer focused, team oriented, and who want to be engaged with their work as a member of the Northgate family.

If you think you are one of these people, we invite you to apply.

For Job Inquiries please click here or visit your nearest store for more information:

Great Work Environment

We strive to create a great work environment that is positive and fun; where people have meaningful work, where individuals have a sense of belonging and feel appreciated, valued and secure; a workplace that promotes teamwork, flexibility, innovation and quality; and that is clean, orderly and safe.

Great Growth Opportunities

We believe in investing in our people and are committed to continuing education and offer tuition reimbursement programs as well as offer college level course on site in our corporate office. We also invest in the training and development of our members through focused skill development efforts such as our “Fast Track” program. It is our desire to meet the staffing needs of our key operational positions from within.

Great Pay and Benefits

Northgate offers above average salaries and wages to attract, retain and motivate high caliber people. We offer comprehensive benefit programs that include:

  • 401(k) program with company matching contributions
  • Company sponsored health benefits where we pay 70% of individual premiums
  • Dental benefits
  • Paid Time Off benefits
  • Wellness programs
  • Employee discount program

Great Corporate Citizenship

Northgate takes its responsibility as a corporate citizen seriously. We believe in contributing to the communities in which we work and live.

  • The Gonzalez Reynoso Family Foundation contributes over $100,000 each year for scholarships and for support of local schools.
  • We also believe in being socially responsible to the environment through sustainability efforts.
  • The Viva La Salud program promotes healthy lifestyles for our customers and members of our Northgate family.


The González tradition and commitment of giving back to our community started long before the official beginning of the González Reynoso Family Foundation.

The values and goodwill instilled by Don Miguel González and Doña Teresa Reynoso de González were well established and have carried on to the present day Foundation. Don Miguel believed that in order to prosper, he must also give back to the community that had provided him with his successful business.

He began this commitment to the community by providing donations to local sports teams, community events and neighborhood schools. Today, this goodwill and passion to help others continues to live through the González Reynoso Family Foundation.


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