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Claudia posted on January 2, 2014, 18:00
A family that exercises together stays fit together. OK, the adage is actually “A family that eats together stays together,” but participating in physical activities with your family can also help strengthen family bonds while keeping everyone healthy at the same time. Studies show that exercise helps with getting more restful sleep. It can also help improve your mood, self-esteem and self-confidence. Imagine how much more harmonious home life could be if everyone was in a better mood. And since January is National Family Fitness Month, this is a great time to start. Here are some tips to get the whole family excited about exercise.
Getting Started

As a family, write down a list of activities that everyone would enjoy.

Make sure every member of the family is physically able to participate in the activities you choose.

Keep a record of the family’s physical activity.

Plan one or two family activities a week.

Once a month, plan something extra special that involves being physically active, like a walk on the beach or a bike ride through the park.

Take a Walk

One of the easiest things for everyone to participate in is a nice walk early in the morning or after dinner. Here are some ideas to keep it interesting.

Start with short walks and add more distance as your ability improves. Small children can ride their bicycle while the rest of the family walks.

Go on a “treasure hunt” to keep the kids excited about going on a walk. Make up a list of “treasures” they can find, like a red leaf, a blue house, a white dog, or an out-of-state license plate.

Sign up for a 5K walk with your family (or a 10K if your family is up for it). Note: Many run/walks are organized to raise money for a cause so they do have a registration fee. You can collect donations from friends and family or look for free run/walks.

Take in the Great Outdoors

Go out and get some fresh air with the family while enjoying some of these activities.

Bike riding, skating or in-line skating – be sure to wear a helmet.

Join your kids in outdoor activities like jump rope, hide-and-seek, or duck-duck-goose.

Play a friendly family game of soccer, basketball, softball or tennis.

Go out for miniature golf.

Throw a Frisbee around at the park.

Fly a kite at the beach.

Take the Party Inside

A cold, rainy day doesn't have to put a damper on family fun. There are plenty of fun activities to do indoors as well.

Put on some cumbias, salsa, merengue or whatever the family is in the mood for and dance in the living room.

Zumba classes are available all over that make exercising fun while learning new dance moves.

Walk around the mall—make several loops if the mall is small.

Join a gym or community fitness center.

Some Ground Rules

Set limits for time spent in front of a screen (television, internet, playing video games, etc.). Avoid using food as a reward for participating in physical activity. Make physical activity a priority. Don’t let minor inconveniences get in the way of family activity time.

Let us know what activities you chose to do with your family. Which have been your favorites? How has family activity time worked out for you? We’re excited to hear all about it!
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Juan-Manuel Suarez
November 4, 2016, 10:36
Muy importante y sencilla informacion para la Familia! La clave es hacer estas actividades más frecuentemente, ya que las pocas veces que nos ponemos de acuerdo y las hacemos; nos la hemos pasado muy divertido y nos ha ayudado a fortalecer los lazos familiares. Gracias.
November 4, 2016, 10:36
Gracias por su comentario Sr. Suarez!
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